Burton Cycle Tools are professional trading tools developed for traders looking to add a timing, targeting and directional edge to their trading. It has been said by great traders of the past that 'Time' is the most important component of successful trading, but . . . what does that mean? That statement certainly isn't referring to time as we know it. And it is also misleading in that Time is also Price 'at Time', which is the big 'KEY' to direction. The occurrence of this 'elusive' concept of 'Time and Price', in reference to significant price movement on a trade chart, is related to Vibration, and vibration can only begin to be understood once it can be seen in a wave form.


Welcome to Burton Cycle Tools 2013 . . .




All vibration produces a wave form, and wave forms produce all the fundamental components necessary to successful 'Tape Reading' . . . which is critical to profitable trading.


So begin now to study, enjoy, observe, make it your own, review, internalize and profit.