Why Trader's Loose?

"The 'trading' business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side." - Hunter S. Thompson '[paraphrased]'


Make no mistake . . . the vast majority reading this are already so jaded and depressed from their personal misfortune in trading that their chance of success has been seriously eroded . . . each 'fresh start' having only served to widen the gap between sustainable success and brutal failure.


YET . . . trading remains the definition of 'The Perfect Business'. You've heard it before:


1.Work at home or anywhere w/internet access

2.No employees (no payroll, insurance, training)

3.No inventory/customer hassles

4.Flexible hours

5.Inflation/recession proof

6.Favorable tax rate

7.No boss


The above list does in fact read as 'Perfect' . . . if only . . . if only it weren't for the other list . . . a short one:


1.You . . . a mental state of erroneous thoughts regarding the direction of price


It's not you as a person, it's you as a mental state (not mental case), a mental state . . . which is a composite of all the things you've come to think are true about trading . . . yet they are not. Whatever you've studied, whatever you think you've learned thru the hard knocks you've taken in trading, whatever you do in prep for the next day . . . all of it has served and serves to invoke a mental state within you. A mental state that has (and continues to) set you up for failure . . . and this is unlikely to change unless you specifically revise the one item found above in the 2nd list.


When you replace 'You' . . . a mental state . . . with:


1.Structure . . . knowledge, recognition and understanding of the fundamental relationships of time and price unfolding in the space defined by the opposing forces of Natural Law . . .


   . . . YOU will then begin to profit consistently from your trading.


Einstein said . . . "a man should look for what is . . . and not for what he thinks should be".


  Consider This as 'what is':


Price action is vibration and vibration occurs according to Natural Law. Further . . . and point blank . . . if something you study, read, listen to, and/or a program you use does not or cannot produce reflective results in price action (ie. positive outcome expectations/profitable trade results) . . . then quit studying or using it. It is not truth. It most likely is not you or your interpretation . . . it simply is not truth.


  Consider This as 'truth':


If you do not define the time/price elements of the space that price is vibrating in . . . you lose.


You loose because . . .


Making a trade decision with no knowledge of prices position relative to the time/price vibrational structure is worse than gambling. It's worse because most traders assign an artificial value to their stop loss order. This approach, a random effort to minimize losses, effectively has the trader trading to lose . . . and is why the majority who try to trade, lose.



If you define the time/price elements of the space that price is vibrating in . . . you win.


You win because . . .


1.With a defined time/price causational structure you have the necessary mechanism to invoke patience. Patience overrides emotions. Patience for what?, you say. Patience for time. Patience is time. So how can you have it if you don't have time? A correct understanding of time is the primary vehicle which will induce patience, and 'Position of Price$' @ Time then provides trade opportunity.


2.With knowledge of the 'Position of Price$' @ Time you know prices proximity to a complete state change, which means you have the ability to define your 'true' risk. Without defined 'true' risk you are destined to stop out of a trade with a loss because of emotions, rather than an appropriate stop which would/must be taken only if there is a state change.


3.With 'true' risk known, you can enter the trade with well defined 'time/price' entries. These are entries which have significant expectations of positive outcome with great reward relative to risk. These types of entries then allow you to trade successfully . . . specifically because they facilitate an 'emotion free' mental state which then allows you to manage the trade. This 'emotion free mental state' is only possible due to well defined entries relative to 'true' risk.      


4.With understanding of the time/price structure of the market, you understand recovery opportunity. A loss that is taken effectively becomes meaningless, because next opportunity is right around the corner. The time/price structure presents the exact information necessary to be on the right side of the ongoing pulsing and continuance/change activity of the market . . . and with that . . . you win.