Momentum Wave_Trade CrossOver (click pics to study)  

trdxovr_1_zoom68 dll parameter settings for this pic_8 tick chart[showing: '4' wave with 45*/90* Targeting, Crest Tm13 & Tm21 Fences. Notice price above Crest Tm Fence has strong proclivity to complete 45* upside target level, price below Crest Tm Fence is drawn to the the 45* downside target level, (90* target levels, when triggered, are very likely to complete while price remains directionally contained by the Tm fence).]


The MTR_XOvr dll displays utility functions (1-3) and stand alone trade structures:

1.45* Targeting and 90* Splits (triggered targeting)

2.Trough/Crest Tm Fences

3.Momentum Wave display

4.Friction Vectors from Trough/Crest

5.Time/Price Levels/Zones of the Friction Vectors

6.Tm Fence Fold-Over Levels


Learn This Trading Fundamental:


Prepare your charts to show one side of the market. Whichever chart qualifies for trading . . . Trade that chart.


Trade Structure Details (Trough Tm21)

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Apply tTm21 Fence
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Xovr tTm21 & 45 Target [+]
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Apply tTm21 Fence

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Xovr tTm21 Fence, 45/90 Target [-]

User Selectable Time

(things to consider when making it your own)

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tTm3 Support Level 
Click for Details
tTm8 Support Level
(Tm Fences off)
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tTm13 Support Level
(Tm Fences off)
Details for Tm13 Trough
Pick a Time and Pick a Fence
Details for Tm21 Crest
Tm21 is Octave Proxy 45 

[Users can select any number of Fib Time/Price points as the 'Proof-Point' of action]

The MTR_XOvr dll can be set to display the following Support/Resistance features of the Burton Momentum Wave:


1.Option to display Friction Vectors: Trough, Crest, or both (projected to selected time)

2.Option to output Directionally Biased structure based on Tm Fence selection: Trough, Crest or both

3.Option to display the Separating Time/Price Levels/Zones: Trough, Crest or both

4.Option to display Applying Time/Price Levels: Trough, Crest or both

5.Option to display 45/90* Targeting: Trough, Crest or both (or any target level in degrees of time)

6.Option to display Time Fences: Trough, Crest or both

7.Option to display the Momentum Wave


  Remember This Fundamental of Learning:


Each of the vibrational components of this Wave Based tool provide

a unique 'Squared' and 'Phi Rich' structure to any chart. Successful trading comes when two things are understood:


1.The structural RELATIONSHIP of the above features (specifically created by price action) and . . .

2. Price's position in 'Relation' to this 'RELATIONSHIP'


It is suggested and highly recommended that users add only one structure and concept to their trading at a time. Complete clarity of

the trade precepts (action points) of each must be understood and internalized before a 2nd can be added successfully.


Observe . . . find what you like . . . observe . . . what speaks to you . . . observe . . . make it your own . . . use it.


This help file is about helping you accomplish that . . . review these charts often.



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