Tape Reading

Traditional Tape Reading is based on price action and volume alone (without time) and unfortunately is a reaction only state. It's missing the cause factor, and therefore is incapable of measuring or predicting any further follow through event components like . . .


WHEN? to expect the next effect that will have


WHAT? affect on price and


WHERE? then will price be going/stopping or


   even better . . .




The Burton vibrational Momentum Wave is a derivative of price over time using a Square of Nine formulation, and will be seen by the observer as causational, thereby producing numerous reaction states in both price and time which fully answer the 4 W's? expressed above.


  Consider This:


where 'Time' is known . . .

Phi abounds



Users will find that Time is revealed in the damping wave of momentum and traditional components of Tape Reading then are replaced by the much more informative and robust Time/Price components of 'Momentum Tape Reading' . . . hereinafter referred to as 'MTR'.


Burton Cycle Tools create a vibrational map of time/price reaction thresholds which allow the trader, at any point in time, to understand the current 'Position of Price$'.


The 5th commonly expressed W?




is you. And the question is . . . are you ready for a trading edge?