The PTWavLHHL dll Cycle Tool packs the majority of the trading precepts of the Burton Momentum Wave structures into a single dll. While the numerous settings available may seem complicated at first, and take a bit of time to understand . . . the purpose of this help file is to provide a ready reference for developing and maintaining that understanding.


The PTWavLHHL dll can be set to display all of the following features from both Crest and Trough of the Momentum Wave:


1.Natural Square Arc projection

2.Fractal Arc projection

3.Contra Arc projection

4.XPansion Levels from Square and Contra origin

5.Sacred Cut Time and Levels

6.Time Fences

7.Break-Out Vector Trajectory . . . i.e. Directional Bias NOW!


Each of the above provide a unique 'Squared' and 'Phi rich' structure to the chart. Successful trading comes when two things are understood.


1.The structural RELATIONSHIP of the above features (specifically created by price action) and . . .

2.Price's position in 'RELATION' to this 'RELATIONSHIP'


It is suggested and highly recommended that users add only one structure and concept to their trading at a time. Complete clarity of the trade precepts (action points) of each must be understood and internalized before a 2nd can be added successfully.


In short . . . observe . . . find what you like . . . observe . . . what speaks to you . . . observe . . . and use it.


This help file is about helping you accomplish that.


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