May 28, 2024

Utilities 2: MTR

The MTR_U2 dll is identical to the 1st utilities dll ‘UT’ but offers 3 additional functions:

1. Ability to show two different Fib Levels at the same time, from either force (leg) of the wave. Trough: Target fib level & Support fib level, Crest: Target fib level & Resistance fib level.

2. Directional Bias Fib Fence filtering for the Trough vs Crest Fib Targeting and Support/Resistance Levels.

3. Directional Bias Fib Fence filtering of the Momentum Cap/Cup (including live mLkAhd tracking).

This dll functions as a stand alone trade environment, painting a clear picture of what state price is in. Reward/Risk is easily measured from clearly defined Support/Resistance levels to target Levels/Zones.

Momentum Mechanism: The dropping and rising ‘Look-Ahead’s’ (Crest & Trough), of the wave turns, are tracking a ‘look-ahead’ position relative to the wave structure. When mLkAhd exceeds price (crest and trough shock-points), two mLkAhd levels are known, above and below. These momentum Caps/Cups are very strong resistance/support levels as they extend over the trough and crest phases of the wave. Specifically . . . this shock-point origin (time) is a consistent action point as demonstrated. Output is either user selectable or ‘directionally biased’ automated in this dll.


Dox Box . . .

The imperative read for understanding is found at the 'Law of Vibration' site . . . Topics: ' Directional Bias', 'Time/Price 45', and 'Fractals' . . . Read . . . Understand . . . and find Success.