May 28, 2024

30 Day Trials

It has been found that new users should use the ‘Utilities 2‘ dll to develop initial understanding of the:

  • Timing Components of Vibration (Fib Levels, Fences, Targets, Break-Out Zones, etc)
  • Relationships of Time/Price and Fractal Alignment (recognition of favorable reward/risk set-ups, etc)
  • Momentum that occurs with Directional Bias change state Threshold crossings
  • Fundamentals of what you cannot do yet because it is not time . . . ie patience
Success with the above is imperative before adding too much information to your charts.











Dox Box . . .

After downloading the trial dll(s) of your choice . . . click on the 'Chart/Symbol Set-up' link directly above and follow the instructions to create your 'range bar' tick charts in FTGT. Then . . . follow the 'DLL Installation Instructions'. Please use the Support_FAQ's tab to answer/ask any questions you may have regarding the Tape Reader dlls. Enjoy your journey . . . and let me know how I can help.