July 19, 2024

Time Price 45’s . . .

Crest and Trough Time/Price 45 Vectors (Time Fences) enhance the trader’s mental clarity/ability to take advantage of the inherent (Natural Law) momentum fundamentals of these levels. Knowledge of these levels, both vector and horizontal fold-over (the Price/Time Square point), gives understanding to the momentum up, momentum down, and bracketed position of price that ensues when these levels are crossed. This knowledge alone yields success in trading, as the trader learns to trade the follow through price action these zones provide. Relationship principles (confluence) of these vectors apply to any fractal (chart size) on any market, and should be included in any trade entry decision.

Burton Cycle Tools with this feature include:

MTR’s_U2, UT, AUTO, XOvr, Crest, Trough


Dox Box . . .

The imperative read for understanding is found at the 'Law of Vibration' site . . . Topics: ' Directional Bias', 'Time/Price 45', and 'Fractals' . . . Read . . . Understand . . . and find Success.